To book An appointment:

Please Call us on – 01939 250 237

Or visit patient access to book an appointment.

The NHS App allows you to access a range of NHS services, including appointment management. You can download the NHS App on your phone or tablet. You can also access the same services in a web browser by  logging in through the NHS website. Click this link


We are committed to maintaining professional standards. For certain examinations during consultations an impartial observer, called a chaperone, will be required. 

This impartial observer will be a practice Nurse, Health Care Assistant or chaperone trained receptionist who is familiar with the procedure and be available to reassure and raise any concerns on your behalf. If a chaperone is unavailable at the time of your consultation, then your examination may be re-scheduled for another time. 

You are free to decline any examination or chose an alternative examiner or chaperone. You may also request a chaperone for any examination or consultation if one is not offered to you. The GP may not undertake an examination if a chaperone is declined. 

 The role of a chaperone: 

  • Maintains professional boundaries during intimate examinations. 
  • Acknowledges a patient’s vulnerability. 
  • Provides emotional comfort and reassurance. 
  • Assists in the examination. 
  • Assists with undressing patients, if required. 

Change or Cancel An Appointment

If you have Patient Access – Appointments can be cancelled online – otherwise please call or visit the surgery to cancel appointments. We encourage and thank patients for cancelling rather than just not attending as this frees the appointment for someone else to use.

To change an appointment. please contact the surgery.

Think before calling us

Could you get help for this yourself? Please do try to self care when possible if you are usually well. See care is the best choice to treat minor illnesses, ailments and injuries. A range of common illnesses can be treated at home simply with over the counter medicines and plenty of rest. Self care is important throughout our lives to prevent ill health and treat minor conditions, which can be managed at home by yourself or with support from your community pharmacy.

PHARMACIST as first point of call – The Pharmacy First Service Can Help Patients with the following:

  • Sinusitis
  • Sore Throat
  • Ear Ache in 1-17yrs
  • Infected insect bites and stings
  • Impetigo
  • Shingles
  • Uncomplicated UTI in Women under 65
  • Think ‘Pharmacy First’ – New Advanced Pharmacy Service Now Available Across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin – click this link HERE for details on how the service can help you
  • The surgery Admin Team are able to submit an electronic referral directly to this service, for you. Call us and we will help you locate a Pharmacy First pharmacy in a place of your choosing and can book you in for support for a range of conditions

EYE problems? Look at MECS scheme on

MENTAL HEALTH? Access line 0300 124 0365 for anybody who is worried about their mental health

Appointment information

All visits to the doctor and nurses (routine or urgent) are by appointment only.

When you phone to book an appointment, you will be asked what sort of problem it is. This is so our team can guide you to the most appropriate person to help you.

We continue to offer: pre-bookable appointments – via telephone consultation or face to face and on the day calls at two points throughout the day (see below).

Cancellations / Missed appointments

A national survey has highlighted that missed GP appointments costs the NHS £180 million per year. If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

First Language

If English is not your first language and you think you may not be able to communicate effectively with our staff please ensure that you either bring a member of your family whom you are comfortable acting as a translator or we will do our best to arrange for an appropriate professional translator.

Type of Problems for “on-the-day” or Urgent appointments

This is only intended as a general guide and is not an exhaustive list. Please discuss any cases of doubt with the receptionist who will contact the GP if needed.

Minor illnesses that…

…you have had a long time or have been to pharmacist already ….

or where you are on significant medication/ heart, lung or significant health problems > 2 years or > 70 years of age
– sore throats
– sinusitis
– ear pain
– cough / possible chest infection / breathless
– rashes and also unwell
– unwell children
– children with fever more than 5 days
Painful problems– severe abdominal pain (please bring a urine sample)
– severe back pain
– suspected urine infections / cystitis – will usually be booked with Practice Nurse (urine sample required)
Symptoms of cancer– breast Lumps
– testicular lumps
– coughing blood
– passing blood – urine (not an obvious infection) or blood in stools
– lumps in neck / glands
– weight loss
– abdominal swelling
Mental Health – that cannot wait for routine appointmentPlease also consider the Shropshire Access line 0300 124 0365 for anybody who is worried about their mental health.

Home Visits
Home Visits will only be booked directly by your GP. If you feel you need a home visit please contact the surgery and book a telephone consultation and discuss with the GP directly.

Extended Access

Extended Access – Local GP practices working together to offer more convenient appointment times for patients
Extended Access Appointments
We are part of a Primary Care Network of GP Practices in Shrewsbury and surrounds, working together to offer patients “extended access” to pre-bookable appointments in the evenings and at the weekends. This is to ensure that patients can have access to GPs, nurses and other qualified healthcare professionals for routine care at a time which may be more convenient for them.

Locally, the pre-bookable appointments will be available as follows:

Weekday evenings (Monday to Friday) appointments between 6.30pm and 8pm
Saturday appointments between 8.30am and 5pm
Sunday appointments between 8.30am and 12.30am

Arranging a pre-bookable evening or weekend appointment is easy – just contact the surgery during normal opening hours and speak to a member of the practice team who will be able to help.

Appointments are offered at different surgeries across Shrewsbury and with a range of healthcare professionals so may not necessarily be with your registered GP, or at this surgery.

There is a wide range of appointments available – routine face to face or telephone calls with a GP; routine nurse and healthcare assistant appointments; follow-up wound care, smear tests, NHS health checks, joint injection service, mental health nurse practitioner. We are extending the variety of services offered all the time.

Extended Access adds to the existing range of healthcare services already available in Shropshire to help patients outside of our usual opening hours, including pharmacies, NHS111, the walk-in centre, minor injury units and A&E (which is there 24/7 for life threatening serious emergencies only). It isn’t always necessary to see a GP for minor and common conditions – find out how about how to self-care for these types of conditions on the self-care section of the NHS Shropshire Telford & Wrekin Integrated Care System website

Looking after yourself – NHS Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin (
Looking after yourself