Proxy Access

Consent for Proxy Access to GP Online Services

A proxy user is a user that is allowed to view and process medical requests on behalf of another patient.

You can only be set up as a proxy access user if you have a registered account with online services.

If you wish for another online user to have access to your records and be able to complete tasks on your behalf such as requesting prescriptions, booking appointments and accessing your medical records and information then you will need to set up this person as a ‘proxy user’.

  • If you have a child under the age of 12 you can request proxy access to your child’s medical records. When your child reaches 12 years old the proxy access will be reduced to only allow you to make appointments on their behalf and repeat prescription requests. Your child will then need to give consent for any further information to be shared. At the age of 16 proxy access will cease unless your child does not have capacity* to manage their own healthcare.
  • *If the patient does not have capacity to confirm proxy access then the access will be forwarded for approval by the GP.
  • For people aged 16 years and older they can request direct online access to their medical records themselves and will have responsibility for protecting their own registration details and password.
  • Proxy application will not be accepted from third party organisations such as insurance company or solicitors.

Forms for requesting proxy access are available from the surgery

Or can be printed here

Please return your completed forms with Photo ID to the surgery