The Day to Day Reality of Primary Care in England – We Need Your Help

We need your help.

We want to start 2024 continuing the positive relationship between our team and patients.

However – we do want to get the message to the tiny minority of people who continue to abuse our team.

The details and video below highlight the reality of working in Primary Care Our Team members are shouted at and verbally abused everyday.

If there isn’t an appointment left, the medication is currently out of stock or if you are directed to another service please respect our team.

They can’t magically make more capacity, or magically find more medication in a global shortage and shouting will end in a terminated call and you may be asked to leave the practice.

They do their best everyday. We need your help as we continue to work to change this and convince the minority, this is not acceptable

The reality of working in Primary Care – FOUR members of staff have left Horfield Health Centre in Bristol in the last THREE months because of the abuse they received while doing their job.

On the day ITV went to film Pete the Practice Manager he was assaulted.

You can watch the video, that shows what we experience on a daily basis, via this link.:

Please do share this message to help us tackle this small minority of poor behaviour and maintain our positive environment for our team and those working in non clinical roles in general practice.

Huge thanks to 99.9% of our patients who are an absolute pleasure to speak to 😊 TheAbuseMustStop